• Footlighters sing to Brittany
  • Singing To Jenn
  • Singing To Adam
  • Singing To Jeanie and her Daughter
  • Singing At Dutchess Stadium
  • Singing To Tiana
  • Singing To Paris
  • Singing To The Family
  • Goshen Senior Center
  • 2018 Anniv Chorus e
  • Dover Boys at J.McLaughlin in Millbrook
  • 4 Reasons Div. Contest 2018-05-05
  • 2018 Anniv Chorus f

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic
All Newyorkers Chorus Activities Have Been Postphoned
The Newyorkers will continue with no weekly rehearsals until such time as we are more comfortable in our ability to safely congregate and sing together. The roll out of the COVID vaccine provides hope that we might start rehearsal again in the later 2nd or early 3rd quarter. We will be monitoring news from the governing forces and will not attempt any in-person gathering until we are more confident of no one being infected.

The latest COVID-19 information found at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html

Sing... Who... Me..? Some say singing is a natural talent, but if you ask most singers, they'll tell you that it is a skill developed over time with a lot of work. [ Read Full Article ]

Poughkeepsie Newyorkers

image Welcome to the Poughkeepsie Newyorkers Website!! The Newyorkers chorus is a male a cappella group which sings in the uniquely American "Barbershop-style" of close four-part harmony.


Who We Are – What We Do

We are the Poughkeepsie Chapter of the international Barbershop Harmony Society.  Our “Newyorkers Chorus” is part of the Society’s Northeastern District, covering eastern Canada, all of New England, and eastern New York State.  Each of our society’s choruses across the United States and Canada share the same goals:  To provide continued music excellence to their communities, especially those in local assisted living and nursing facilities, veterans homes, habitat for humanity, at veteran celebrations and also to students from elementary through college.

Wanna Sing?

image Singing is life!! The Rest is Just Details!!  Wanna Sing?  We "chord-ially" invite singing men to come join us for an evening of fun and fellowship. Can't sight-read music? No sweat! Our strong and talented Music Team will provide all the craft and technical guidance you need. Learning tapes and ongoing vocal production instruction are key to our enjoyment of this great hobby.